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Open-width High Frame Double Circular Knitting Machine

This type of machine adopts oil soaking main girder and central adjustment device (all body size cam box structure) to induce the convenience and fleetness of adjusting fabric density. Top and Bottom cam adopts closed tracks and wide needle design along with KNIT, TUCK, MISS and Blister cams, etc. Storage positive feeder can be adjusted independently or as a whole. Elastic double fabric also is available when machine equipped with lycra yarn feeding device (elastance roller). Along with different gauge cylinder, it is easy to change and more suitable for various knitting fabric market. It is also able to produce various high quality double jersey fabrics with various thicknesses. Moreover, it can produce various constructions and complicated art draft such as twill vein, bubble fabric, air layer and scuba fabric, pique fabric, double beaded fabric, cotton blended with silk and rib mini-jacquard fabric, etc. It has many advantages with the just right feeders. The cam is easy to be changed and the turning speed is faster. It is a high effective double knitting machine.

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  • S4R-T-BJ


Product Description

Open-Width High Frame Series Double Circular Knitting Machine1

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