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High Speed 30-34 inch Single Circular Knitting Machine T-shirt fabric

1. High speed, high benefit, and high rewards of machine.

2. With the merits of clean cloth surface, firm gross loop, even length, etc. It’s fabric could add lycra. Fabric’s surface is available for grasping, shearing and napping fur to knit velvet, wave-grain cloth with soft snap etc., which could be made extensively for the children dress, men and women’s high- grade costume, sport costume, business suit, industrial cloth, etc.

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Product Description


1-1 (1)

                                                                       ◆ Photo and Specifications are for reference only, please prevail in kind.

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WELLKNIT was founded in Taiwan since 1987, and in 1995, we set up the production base in Quanzhou, Fujian, is the first Taiwan-funded weft knitting machine manufacturer to take root in Quanzhou.

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