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Fusing Press Machine (Standard Model)

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Product Description


1.Continuous operation,high efficiency,cost saving.

2. Automatic correction device to ensure the transport belts does not run off.

3. Thickened conveyor belt, more durable.

4. Upper and lower temperature are separated control; Digital display thermostat, adjusting range is 0~200℃,

     precision ±1℃.

5. Pressure can be adjusted to maximun 5kg, prussure stable. Standard equipment is mechanical pressure advice,

    optional pneumatic pressure device.

6. Working speed can be adjusted. speed, temperature and pressure can be adjusted according to the fabric, in

     order to reach the best condition.

7. Smooth mechanical transmission, The maximun noise is no more than 65 decibels.

8. Equipped with anti-wrinkle drum, easy adjusting for most fabrics.

9. New durable scraper equipped, make sure the fabric can be stripped easily.

10.Equipped with self-cleaning device, improving the life of belt.

11. Equipped with cooling conveyor belt, optional wind cooling device which improves the efficiency.

12. Half hour self-cooling function which can make sure the temperature down enough after working. The manual

      rocker used while power outages, which can avoid the belt be destroyed.

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壓光定型機 步驟



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